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The Second to Mom Education Portal is a comprehensive resource for parents seeking the latest medical questions relating to fussy babies. Your baby will go through many changes during their first year of life. Always ask your health care provider for help as you navigate this wonderful world of parenting!

If you can’t find what you are looking for below, or have a specific question, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

General Colic Information

How to Tell if My Baby Has Colic

Gina’s Story Baby Emma wouldn’t sleep anywhere but with her parents. She started crying at 6pm and didn’t stop until midnight.  When mom Gina took her in for her 2

What Is Colic in Babies?

So here you are. You’ve made it through pregnancy with its crazy cravings and weird body changes, survived (or breezed through) childbirth itself, and have come home with your perfect

Colic 101

If your otherwise healthy newborn is experiencing intense and lasting bouts of continuous crying, typically in the evening hours, you might be dealing with colic. What is Colic? While crying

What Causes Colic in Babies?

OK — you and your bundle of joy are living with colic. What does that actually mean? Within the pediatric medical community and its researchers, colic is typically defined as

Does My Baby Have Colic?

Now that you’re home with your little one, you want to be sure you’re doing everything you can to be a careful and protective parent. It can be tough to

Colic Relief Plus®-Specific Information

How to Use Colic Relief Plus

What Is Colic? Do you have a new infant at home? Are you experiencing intense lasting bouts of continuous high pitched crying, typically in the evening or night hours, and

Medical Research

Colic Treatment – Medical Trial

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with bifidobacterium longum CECT7894 and pediococcus pentosaceus CECT8330 to treat infant colic. K. Chen#,*, 1, 2,C. Liu#, 3, H. Li4, Y. Lei4, C. Zeng5, S.

Coping With Colic

Infant Fussiness: COLIC VS. FUSSY

It’s often hard to identify if your infant’s fussiness is a sign of something bigger or just general baby fussiness. All babies are fussy and cry. It’s a normal part

infant massage

Calm a Fussy Baby with Infant Massage

Your touch can do wonders for your baby. It’s well known that infant massage positively affects a baby’s development. And if you have a baby who’s chronically fussy or has

Colic & Asking for Help​

Having a newborn, whether it’s your first or your fourteenth, can be a very stressful time even while it’s filled with the joy and wonder any new child brings. Feeling

Creating a Colic-Friendly Support System

Here you are – you’re only a few weeks in to new parenthood, and suddenly your angelic newborn has become fussy, frustrated, cranky and finicky, crying for hours on end

Colic Tips & Tricks

Colic Tips & Tricks for Parents

Coping with a colic-y baby can be challenging, and while reaching out for assistance from family, friends or your pediatrician is always a good idea, there are lots of  colic

Colic Tips & Tricks for Baby

How can you help alleviate some of the discomfort that you little bundle of joy feels when colic sets in? Are there ways to help your newborn feel better, even


How to tell if baby is hungry or gassy?

An infant’s primary means of communication is crying. They cry when they are hungry, tired, need a diaper change, their tummy hurts, or any number of other reasons. With all

Are Probiotics Safe for babies

Are Probiotics Safe for Babies?

So now that you’ve tried the tips and tricks we’ve suggested to keep yourself and your little one as calm and stress free as possible when colic strikes, you may

What is a Gut Biome?

Believe it or not, there are literally TRILLIONS of live microorganisms living in your intestinal tract, working to help you absorb nutrition from your food, manufacturing nutrients, creating vitamins and


What Parents Are Saying

A colicky infant can be debilitating for a household. Hear what real parents like you have to say about Colic Relief Plus®.

colic relief plus

Colic Can Be Debilitating

The constant crying combined with the guilt and feeling like you can’t help your new baby feel better can be overwhelming. It can also be alienating. You are not alone, and Colic Relief Plus™ can help. Order today and start seeing a reduction in crying time after just 7 days.