How to Tell if My Baby Has Colic

Gina’s Story

Baby Emma wouldn’t sleep anywhere but with her parents. She started crying at 6pm and didn’t stop until midnight.  When mom Gina took her in for her 2 week pediatrician appointment she said “we realized it wasn’t normal, but it was my first child, and the pediatrician didn’t really focus on it.”  They wound up waiting for her to grow out of it.  The incessant crying stopped at 3 months. However, when baby number two, Ella, started exhibiting the same symptoms Gina tried some interventions like gripe water and strapping her in a tight carrier. Ella was  unable to be soothed.  She was eventually diagnosed with silent reflux at around 6 months.  How to tell if my baby has colic?

Gina’s story unfortunately is not unique. 1 in 5 babies will suffer from Colic like symptoms.  It can be an agonizing time for families to struggle through.  When Josh was a new parent and his son was inconsolable, he said “we were sleep deprived, frustrated, and tired.”  His son was diagnosed with colic, but Josh said at the time “the doctor did not recommend anything, just said it will pass on it’s own.”

New Parents

Sometimes it’s hard to tell, especially if you are new parents, whether fussiness is truly an issue to address or if it’s part of the newborn parenting experience.  Alice said of her experience, “I didn’t really know what colic was. I just thought this was how babies are.” Her pediatrician at the time asked about crying and what her experience had been, but she thought her son was just hungry.
While her doctor pushed Alice and her husband Drew to try to tell if her baby had colic, she resisted because as she says “I didn’t have a sense of what was normal.”

Does this sound familiar? Could your baby be struggling with colic?

We have created a quiz to help you zero in on some of the most common symptoms. This quiz is not a substitute for a proper medical diagnosis with your medical provider. 


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