How to Use Colic Relief Plus

What Is Colic?

Do you have a new infant at home? Are you experiencing intense lasting bouts of continuous high pitched crying, typically in the evening or night hours, and your pediatrician has not expressed serious concern? This may be a sign of something other than just a fussy newborn. When these symptoms present, many infants are diagnosed with what is called “Colic.” Colic is one of the most common and disconcerting causes for visiting a pediatrician during the first few months of a baby’s life.

You may also be wondering, isn’t crying typical in newborns 0-5 months? Yes, but a colicky baby will cry much more often. According to medical experts at Seattle Children’s Hospital, if your baby is crying for over four hours a day for more than half the week, they may have colic. Other signs may include:

  • A lot of crying once or twice per day
  • Usually consolable when held and comforted
  • Acts normal (happy, contented) between bouts of crying
  • The baby is getting enough to eat and is not hungry
  • The baby is not sick

According to a 2016 study on infant colic, there is no single cause of infant colic. One possible cause however, may be due to an imbalance of the intestinal flora or microbiota. The intestinal microbiota is the community of bacteria that lives in our intestines. If there is an imbalance during the first months of life, this can trigger infant colic, which is linked to intestinal inflammation and gas production.

What Is Second to Mom Colic Relief Plus?

Second to Mom’s Colic Relief Plus™, powered by Floradapt™, is a clinically validated, patented infant probiotic specifically formulated to help relieve the symptoms of colic.

Colic Relief Plus™ uses a specific strain called Floradapt™, sourced from the Amazon Rainforest, that supports healthier microflora balance, which is directly correlated to decreased crying time in colicky infants. 

It’s been tested and scientifically proven through clinical trials. Results show Colic Relief Plus™ is fast acting, reducing crying time by over 60% after just 7 days, when used with either breast milk or formula, or administered directly into the mouth through a dropper. Additionally, it offers extra probiotic related benefits, is easy to use and has super clear instructions.

How Do You Use Colic Relief Plus?

Easy to use with super clear instructions, you just add 5 drops directly into the mouth or to one bottle of formula or breast milk everyday. The product comes with a cleanable container and sanitary dropper that won’t get moldy. It takes about 7 days to start seeing results, and it is recommended to continue use for 3 months for best results. There is no harm in continuing longer though, and some parents see benefits for up to one year.

You deserve a peaceful night and so does your baby! Do you think your baby may be suffering from colic? Talk to your pediatrician, and give Second to Mom’s Colic Relief Plus™ drops a try. 


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colic relief plus

Colic Relief Plus™

Combat your baby’s colic with Second to Mom’s Colic Relief Plus™ supplement.

My daughter used to have 3 hour bouts of crying without the ability to console her at least 3 times per week. I started to notice a change after just 5 days of using this product but certainly by day 7! I was more readily able to sooth her by then and she had less episodes overall. I administered the drops very easily with the dropper included. I love the added probiotics since I am mostly breastfeeding and our pediatrician recommended this alongside vitamin D. I highly recommend this product!


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