Product Reviews

 I was almost at my wits end with my colicky baby. Then this little bottle of heaven arrived in my mailbox. I started them almost immediately. Within the first week I noticed my son crying less, not as gassy, and his constipation was decreased. We use these drops every morning in our first bottle of formula. I warm up his formula and add the drops to his bottle and invert it a couple times to mix. These drops are super user friendly the dropper is easy to get drops out. I will be continuing them from now on!

Katie W.

My daughter used to have 3 hour bouts of crying without the ability to console her at least 3 times per week. I started to notice a change after just 5 days of using this product but certainly by day 7! I was more readily able to sooth her by then and she had less episodes overall. I administered the drops very easily with the dropper included. I love the added probiotics since I am mostly breastfeeding and our pediatrician recommended this alongside vitamin D.

I highly recommend this product! 


My baby was really fussy her first few weeks. She’s extremely gassy and only has 2 bowel movements per week. She is exclusively breast fed. The doctor recommended probiotics. We tried a few different kinds and nothing really worked. I was not expecting much from the product. 

I was pleasantly surprised! Right around the 6th day I could tell a difference. She isn’t as fussy as she was. In general, she is just calmer. When she cries, it isn’t the urgent, shrieking cry. 

They are very easy to administer — way easier than the ones the doctor gave us! It’s only 5 drops a day and baby doesn’t seem to mind taking them. I will definitely buy more when these are gone. 


 I love that it comes with a dropper you can attach to the bottle. Other products I used didn’t come with this. It really made it so much easier to give her. My little one is 7 weeks old and I found it helped with fussiness significantly. After 7 days, she slept longer throughout the night, she seemed less gassy, and definitely less fussy! I will continue to use this product!


We have a happy baby! Before using these she would cry so much in the evenings and not smile at all. These drops were really easy to use and seemed to help her colic. She is happy in the evenings now, which makes us happier! 


I just want to preface this review by saying that the dropper on these is absolutely genius. This is my second child and I cannot believe I have never encountered one like it before. These probiotics are so easy to correctly administer – you simple press the tip and one drop comes out. Press it five times while against the side of babies mouth, perfect dosage every time.

My baby didn’t seem to mind the taste of these either. A little grimace at first, which is normal for her, then some lip smacking. Unlike my first child, she has been dealing with reflux, lots of gas, and a bad case of baby acne. As you can imagine that leads to moments of discomfort where nothing we do really soothes her. There is not much the pediatrician can do but lots of people recommended probiotics so we were very excited to try these. Dad also has bad allergies so I am all for stuff that may help build a robust GI system.

I’ll be honest and say that at first they didn’t seem to do much other than help speed up bowel movements, which is not a bad thing with a very gassy baby. However, we stuck with it per the instructions and the symptoms listed above have seemed to alleviate, which makes her a happier baby overall. 

I would honestly recommend them to anyone looking for an infant probiotic just based on the ease of administering and the quality of the ingredients. 


Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this colic drops. They helped my baby with her gassiness and burping after just a few days. I noticed a huge difference in her mood also. They were easy to give her and she took them easily.


My daughter started showing all of the signs of colic shortly after coming home from the hospital. She would scream from 5pm to 12am every night like clock work, nothing we did or tried would help alleviate her crying. We tried every colic remedy out there to no avail.

Thankfully I was given these colic drops to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. We started using them the day that they were delivered in her night time bottle of pumped breastmilk. The dropper is super easy to use and regulates how many drops you are putting in, which is a huge plus compared to other brands. I hate trying to mess with the two handed medicine droppers. This one is connected to the bottle and can easily be dispensed with just one hand.

We are now 12 days in and my daughter’s colic has met its match. After about 7 days we started really noticing the difference in her crying at night, her symptoms were reduced by about 80%. She was falling asleep easier, faster and was able to sleep longer stretches without waking up screaming out for hours at a time.

The probiotic benefits that come with this colic support medicine is a huge bonus as our pediatrician recommended starting her on probiotics as a support for her colic. We just had no idea which ones to use. Having this colic relief medicine come with them was a win. We are noticing that she is now passing less gas and is having more frequent bowel movements as before starting this she would go 10 days without having any sort of bowel movements.

As a parent with a baby that has colic. I know we are all wanting a medicine or remedy that works right away. I was a little worried about having to wait a full 7 days to see any improvement in her colic but let me tell you the wait is worth the overall result. Just seeing how this medicine has helped and the extra support she is getting from the probiotics has made the wait worth it. I have now ordered another bottle so we can continue using this product.


I was excited to find a product that helped to reduce my baby’s crying and tummy pain! My baby seems to have a lot of tummy pain and gas, and these helped to relieve his symptoms so he was happier — and so was I! These were super easy to give my baby; I administered them myself straight into his mouth. The nozzle of the bottle makes one-handed administering of the drops super simple- you just push slightly on the side and the drops come out easily. I love that they include probiotics so his immune system is also getting a boost.

This is a wonderful product! 


These drops worked great for my little one’s colic! Every once in a while he would get colicky from gas pain and we would just have to ride out the wave because nothing worked (gripe water, etc). I could give him these drops right along with his vitamin d drops just fine. We haven’t had a colic spell since using the drops. Great product!


I love these Colic Relief Plus drops! We were using Gerber Soothe probiotics to help with fussiness and spitting up, but they were always such a hassle to administer. The dropper that comes with this product is so easy to use – I dropped the 5 drops in his mouth after his morning feed and popped in a pacifier afterwards to make sure he sucked it all down. Over the course of a week we went from using a probiotic, gripe water, and a heating stomach pad to only using these drops once a day.

Little man’s crying and signs of discomfort have gone down significantly and I expect it will only continue to improve! 


My 2 month has colic symptoms. She cries and cries and gets horrible painful gas and burbs. She is so hungry yet cries and cries and won’t eat and it breaks my heart. I’ve talked to the doctor several times and don’t have a solution other than keeping her upright while feeding and burping and using gripe water to deal with gas. I’ve also eliminated dairy thinking this may be an issue. I started using Second to Mom probiotic drops, and can tell a difference as my baby cries less and has less painful gas and burbs.

I am very fortunate that the Stellar Testing group sent me these drops to try. I was already using a probiotic and didn’t even know about these drops and it’s definitely good fate that we crossed paths with this product. The bottle is so easy to administer, just take 5 drops daily and it’s amazing they come out so quickly when you press sideways on the nozzle. Other drops take FOREVER to come out of the dispenser, but this quick release drop nozzle is revolutionary.

But at this point I am so relieved that the symptoms have lessened that I could cry.


Second to Mom infant probiotic drops did wonders for witching hour!! Our little one (2 months old) had a fairly bad “witching hour” every evening. She’d be fine during the day, but nothing we did would help her colic from about 6:3-8:30 every night. We’d give her gripe water, which would seem to help, but it was annoying because we’d have to either give her doses repeatedly or deal with the crying. And of course she had to deal with whatever was bothering her and causing that crying!! But after 6-7 days with these drops, witching hour has almost disappeared!!!!! She is much more calm at night, and she falls asleep on her own by 8!

The drops are simple to use. We just dropped 5 in her mouth each day — that’s it! You can add it to a bottle, too, but the straight-to-mouth drops were simple enough. She didn’t seem to love the taste quite as much as a gripe water, but that’s because gripe water seems to be mostly agave! I am so thankful to have had a relief from her colic that seems more permanent AND doesn’t involve giving her the sugar that is in the gripe water constantly.

It’s huge to have an infant-friendly probiotic, especially during this crazy pandemic. I’m happy to give her all the immune-boosting and gut-supporting goodness that these drops bring.. it’s a big bonus on top of the significantly reduced crying!


 As soon as I received these drops I started giving them to my 3 month old baby. Each morning I would pump for my first feeding and mix these drops in her first bottle of the day. Easy Peasy! Just as they promised after a week I noticed she was a lot less fussy and gassy as I have come to learn are two things just about every 3 month old suffers from. Grateful to have been selected as a product tester for this great product and will eagerly recommend to all my new mommy friends!!


I received this colic drops from the Stellar Product Testing Panel and it was such a lifesaver! My first child did not have colic so I did not know what was bothering my second child when he had these bouts of frequent and very prolonged crying. He was so fussy and these drops provided much needed relief for everyone in the house once my baby took these drops. 

What I also like about this colic drops are the additional probiotic-related benefits and how it is derived completely from plant-based ingredients. I’m not vegan whatsoever, but I love to provide the best organic and natural ingredients for my baby.

I was able to add these drops to my bottle of expressed breast milk and I’ve noticed a huge difference in 4-5 days. It’s literally night and day with my baby and he seems so much happier. Happy baby, happy mom!


What a relief! My baby had colic and these drops were a miracle worker.

They are clinically validated so we didn’t have a problem giving them to our baby. We also like that they have the added health benefit of being a probiotic, and that it is fast-acting. Each day we saw an improvement with her crying and fussiness, and now it is almost non-existent. You just add a few drops in her bottle and let the magic work. All around she has become a much happier baby and we are much happier parents. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with these colic drops.


My 4 month old is super colicky, we’ve visited the doctor a few times and finally someone mentioned probiotic drops could help. Around that time, the Stellar Product Testing Panel offered us a new product to try out. We’ve used them a just about a month and I’ve noticed much happier little girl. She is much less gassy and doesn’t seem to spit up near as much as she did previously. We exclusively breastfeed, so I wasn’t looking for something to mix into a bottle (you CAN do that with these, but I wanted to be able to give them to her directly) and I love the attached dropper. I think that the setup eliminates the concern for cross contamination from slobber getting on a dropper and back into the bottle. I also love that unlike most probiotics, these don’t have to be stored in the refrigerator, so I keep them in my daughters little basket of bed time necessities by my bed and am sure to give them to her each evening.