Colic Relief Plus® by Second to Mom

(90 customer reviews)
(90 customer reviews)




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Reduces crying time by 60% in as little as 7 days.*


Allergen-free, non-GMO and vegan-friendly.

Easy to Use

The bottle-connected dropper regulates how much is administered.


4 out of 5 families reported significant reduction in colic-related symptoms.

Calm Your Baby From the Inside Out

Second to Mom’s Colic Relief Plus® is a clinically-validated, patented infant probiotic supplement formulated to help relieve the symptoms of colic. We use a specific strain that supports healthier microflora balance, which is correlated with decreased crying time in colicky infants.

Chrissy Arsenault

“To moms and families: I know you’re doing your best. You’re not alone on this journey. If you’re looking for a quick but lasting solution that is most compatible with your baby’s gut, talk to your pediatrician or Registered Dietitian about Colic Relief Plus®.”
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How to Use Colic Relief Plus®

Easy to use with super clear instructions, you just administer 5 drops on it’s own or add to one bottle of formula or breast milk every day. The product comes with a cleanable, handy container and sanitary dropper that won’t get moldy.

It takes about 7 days to start seeing results, and it is recommended to continue use for 3 months for best results. There is no harm in continuing longer though, and some parents see benefits for up to one year. Watch Our Instructional Video

Supplement Facts

Serving Size
5 Drops (Daily)
Servings Per Container
About 32
Floradapt™ Baby Colic probiotic blend
8.33mg* (%DV)
Providing 1 Billion CFU
P.pentosaceus KABP™-041
B.longum KABP™-042

*Daily Value (DV) not established

Safe for All + Extra Benefits

  • Documented Active ingredients that are active for your baby. 
  • GMO-Free ingredients sourced through hand-picked providers.
  • Vegan-Friendly thanks to an entirely plant-based ingredient list.
  • Patented Product ensures safety-related best practices were followed.
  • Feeding-Flexibility for breast-fed or formula-fed babies.
  • Gas-Free unlike some other probiotic drops.

* According to recent study for crying time claims

Frequently Asked Questions

In clinical trials Colic Relief Plus® showed a significant reduction, 60%, in crying time as early as 7 days after starting continuous use.

Colic can persist up until 12 months. We recommend continuous daily use starting as early as 2 weeks old through 12 months of age. Depending on the severity and length of your colic or colic like symptoms, you can safely use as long as needed.

Absolutely. It is a patented product. This classification ensures the correct steps were taken to safely provide a product to babies.

We recommend continuous daily use starting as early as 2 weeks old through 12 months of age.

For the full list, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Questions About Our Products?

Our team is available for support. Get in touch with us to find out if Colic Relief Plus® is right for your baby.

Customer Reviews

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katie w
Your Rating :

Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this colic drops. I was almost at my wits end with my colicky baby. Then this little bottle of heaven arrived in my mailbox. I started them almost immediately. Within the first week I noticed my son crying less, not as gassy, and his constipation was decreased. We use these drops every morning in our first bottle of formula. I warm up his formula and add the drops to his bottle and invert it a couple times to mix. These drops are super user friendly the dropper is easy to get drops out. I will be continuing them from now on!

Your Rating :

What a relief! My baby had colic and these drops were a miracle worker. They are clinically validated so we didn’t have a problem giving them to our baby. We also like that they have the added health benefit of being a probiotic, and that it is fast-acting. Each day we saw an improvement with her crying and fussiness, and now it is almost non-existent. You just add a few drops in her bottle and let the magic work. All around she has become a much happier baby and we are much happier parents. Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with these colic drops.

Your Rating :

I was very surprised with these drops. My baby has been having super bad gas since the beginning. We have tried several bottles and several formulas but she has always had bad gas and been super irritable when so. We have tried gas drops but it didn’t always work. I was so thankful to have these drops eligible to review as a part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. For starters, the box itself gives me hope due to the fact it is so aesthetically appealing. I see a loving mother and a calm and settled baby. It makes me want to buy it based on what I see. I love the fact that it is all natural product and is GMO free and Vegan friendly, it makes me know that what I’m giving my baby is okay and not full of chemicals. It helped reduce my child’s crying time and uneasiness by the 7th day . I noticed that she was almost completely rid of her excessive gas and would recommend these over gas drops. The added probiotics give me reassurance knowing she’s got healthy gut bacteria in there now to help balance out everything. I gave this to my baby through the dropper since it was easier for me to know she essentially got all of the drops. If I put it in the bottle, sometimes she wouldn’t eat all of it and I felt like I was wasting product. She took it very well and swallowed it like she would’ve swallowed her formula. I honestly didn’t have any issues with this product at all and would continue to use it for my child. It’s a well rounded product and that it is natural would push anyone to want the product more. Once again, I am beyond thankful for this product from the Stellar Product Testing Panel!

Nurse Mommy
Your Rating :

Just 5 drops a day and viola, happy baby! I had tried literally everything to soothe my newborn and nothing worked. When finally I tried these for free in exchange for a review with the Stellar Testing Panel. Within a few days, baby was resting peacefully. I just drop these into his mouth right before nursing and I have no issues. It’s very easy to administer, and baby has no issues taking it. I love the benefits of being a probiotic as well, which means it helps with digesting foods and a healthy tummy! 

Your Rating :

I have been using the second to mom colic relief drops for around 2 weeks. I seen a drastic improvement in my newborn’s colic and tummy issues within one week of use. We have tried other colic remedies and none have helped her, so it’s safe to say these colic drops are a must have for our little one. I love that probiotics are in the drops, and feel like they have made all the difference in helping with her severe colic. I recommend that every parent who has a baby that suffers from colic to purchase these colic drops now. I received the second to mom colic relief drops from the Stellar Product Testing Panel for free in exchange for my honest review.

Your Rating :

Second to Mom’s Colic Relief Plus was an easy to administer probiotic that relieved a lot of our newborn’s tummy discomforts. I received Colic Relief Plus from Stellar Product Testing Panel and I am glad that I did because it did help her feel better and cry less. The probiotic supplement was easy to administer- 5 drops into a bottle once a day. I exclusively breastfeed and pump and it was easy for my husband to put the drops in a bottle and feed her. Our baby took the bottle without hesitation, so the drops must not have a strong flavor, and be mild to a baby’s taste buds. After about 5 days, we noticed less gas, less projectile spit ups, and less crying around feedings. We were impressed that a supplement was able to work in a relatively short time frame to ease our baby’s tummy issues. It is reassuring to know that Colic Relief Plus is GMO-free, been extensively tested, contains well-known probiotic ingredients, and is safe for breastfeeding infants. The only issue with Colic Relief Plus was the eye dropper cap. It took about 15 minutes to initially get the eye dropper out of the cap. Once out of the cap, we have had no issues with the eye dropper and the cap closes well. Overall, Second to Mom’s Colic Relief Plus is worth trying if your baby has tummy issues and I would recommend.

Your Rating :

After using the Colic Relief for 7 days our baby seems to be less gassy in the middle of the night when she wakes up as well as through out the day. We are hopeful that as we continue to use the product she will continue to improve and her gas will subside and she will drink her fill and sleep through the night. 

We received the product free through a promotional company called Stellar Product Review. 

My only complaint was my inability to open the product up on first receiving it. I had to cut the lid at the base to get it off. I didn’t see any directions on how to get it off and pulling and twisting was not getting it done. 

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