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Chrissy Arsenault


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I recently learned about Colic Relief Plus® and I wish I could’ve shared this product with moms I’ve worked with over the years. To me, it’s important to have something that’s fast acting, because it’s mentally draining for moms to feel helpless for so long while your baby keeps crying. Colic Relief Plus® reduces crying time by over 60% after just 7 days, which is incredible, especially compared to other probiotic drops out there. Additionally, the probiotics in these drops help introduce more ‘good’ bacteria to your baby’s gut and don’t produce gas.

To moms and families: I know you’re doing your best. You’re not alone on this journey. If you’re looking for a quick but lasting solution that is most compatible with your baby’s gut, talk to your pediatrician or Registered Dietitian about Colic Relief Plus®.

Sherrie Neustein



When I was introduced to Colic Relief Plus® I was impressed to hear that in clinical trials it started working as soon as 7 days by reducing crying time by 60 percent, and showed a very significant decrease in both the amount of time babies spent crying and how frequently they had crying spells. The difference here is the two unique and natural probiotic strains used in this allergen free, non-GMO and alcohol free formula.

Both of the probiotic strains were given the GRAS certification for safety, which is very important to me as a pediatrician when recommending a product to the families I care for. This product works quickly to help both breast- and formula-fed babies and doesn’t give babies extra intestinal gas as it works.

Neil Shah


Colic Can Be Debilitating

The constant crying combined with the guilt and feeling like you can’t help your new baby feel better can be overwhelming. It can also be alienating. You are not alone, and Colic Relief Plus® can help.

Order today and start seeing a reduction in crying time after just 7 days.